Welcome to IVEDA India!

IVEDA is Marketing Intelligence firm specializing in Customer Acquisition through CXO dialogues and engagements.

IVEDA ensures a technology solution anchorage with Key Decision Makers and Users by aligning Technology to a Business Need identified from Functional Teams for an effective Sales Connect.

We create depth in existing business lines and breadth by engaging with new markets to identify Opportunities.

IVEDA is a boutique Marketing Intelligence firm specializing in Vertical Marketing for Technology companies with proven capabilities to reach Key Decision Makers across 43 Verticals. Our close association with Information Technology companies in the past, has given us an in-depth expertise in technology marketing, while understanding their specific business growth challenges as:

The Challenge of Business Growth for Key Decision Markers

  • The Challenge of “Differentiated Buying Processes”: Dynamic Verticals such as Education, Retail, Chemical, FMCG etc require deep understanding of their unique business pain points in order to predict & identify technology requirements.
  • The Challenge of “Cost Effective Reach”: Information Technology (I.T.) spending in India is projected to total $71.3 billion in 2014, a 5.9% increase from the $67.4 billion forecast for 2013.The challenge however remains in identifying and reaching to these Buyers across the fragmented vertical markets and doing so in a cost efficient manner. (Projection Source: Gartner Inc.)
  • The Challenge of “Educating and Influencing”: In the absence of a clear business reason for technology acquisition in a Vertical (as cost,time,wastage,cash flow ), influencing their buy behavior is very complex. This throws up a serious challenge, since most technology companies and their channel partners do not have customized content to engage with unique verticals.
  • The Challenge of “Creating Solution Relevance” hence ROI: Qualitative Prospect engagements can only be created by the exactness of matching the proposed technology with the challenges of business faced by Business Functions rather than I.T teams to ensure “relevance of technology” and ensure an enhanced adoption.
  • The Challenge of “Bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales” : Marketing Campaigns to be success would need an effective landing in the Sales funnel , to ensure an efficient on-ground traction for revenue generation , however most Campaign are limited to Awareness Creation and Product Education rather than creating a Sales Ready Audience.